Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Choking Bunny X D.F&Y: Masspike Miles

The Choking Bunny and D.F&Y @ Masspike Miles listen party for his new mixtape "The Road Less Traveled".  For those who do not know he is sign by Maybach Music, he a real talented dude be sure to get the mixtape may 31. Also thanks for all of those who came out there to show him love, from people like Mr. 285, Rob, Mz Skittlez and Greg Tecoz, you can follow these individuals 


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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

KAYO A Music Mastermind

Kayo have done it once more, with these two hits

Vermillion Brown

 [we_ are all] Nothing

The Choking Bunny X D.F&Y: Twisted Mongoose

Twisted Mongoose on The Choking Bunny, dropping there clothing line and their achievement on being on karamaloop

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KT-Poot (Soulja Boy Parody)

This was beyond funny, glad i could have been of some help S/O to KT and Kelly

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KT  @gotkt
Kelly @knp_kelly


Metronomy-The Look

This blog is not just about rap or hip hop, its also about music as a whole. Hope you like this.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lil B-I Cook

I SWAG,  I SWAG, I SWAG, I COOK , I COOK, I COOK, I COOK, I CHEF, I CHEF, I CHEF, I SWAG, I SWAG.............all that need to be said * kanye shrug *

Sunday, May 22, 2011

MGK-Cleveland ft. Dubo

Never heard of this dude, until today. After listening to more his songs, this guy is dope as hell. I do not know much about this artist but you should check out more or his stuff.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dom Kennedy-Designer Shit

Dom Kennedy with another hit, dude is mad sick. Just listen to it, there nothing much to say but just another good Dom Kennedy song.

Curren$y -#JETS

Im a big Jets fan, can't wait to see him perform @MASQUERADE on June 11
i got my ticket how about you?

Jet life till the next life

Baby T-Go Ham

Baby T a Local Atlanta artist that was raise and born here in Atlanta. So if you claim you from Atlanta you should know him and his music. If you do not know him or his music then go download his mixtape, just click on the link below.

You can follow him @T23ZYTARANTINO

Twanee Baby X Das-Call Me

Twanee Baby - Love, Sex & Beats - The Mixtape Cover Art

I feel like lately I have only been listening to music thats not main stream, and this mixtape have been one of them. Funny thing about this song is........I can relate (laughs) but to get the whole mixtape go to the link below.

You can follow him @TwaneeBaby

Mr.285 Privileged Mixtape

This song been playing in my head ever since i heard it, so you know i had to go download the mixtape click on the link below to go download it.

you can follow him on twitter @OFFICIALMR285

The Choking Bunny X D.F&Y: Mr.285

Hello there fans, once again The Choking Bunny and D.F&Y had a chance to interview another local artist. Who stay on the grind more then gears in a clock. Mr. 285, this guy is a great performer and a down to Earth guy, I guess you can say he too live the life style of D.F&Y (Dope.Fresh&Young).

you can follow him @OFFICIALMR285

Shout to The Choking Bunny, there things on there that you will not be able to catch on here.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Choking Bunny X D.F&Y: TwaneeBaby

This guy is one of the coolest people i know, not only is he a  artist , but a songwriter, producer, and videographer. However you can find him at your New Era store in Atlanta. If you go you bond to see him, he forever holding it down at New Era. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mellow Hype X Tyler The Creator- Fuck The Police

I really enjoy this song definitely, Tyler The Creator verse
You can find this mixtape at

Fly Union X Dom Kennedy -Friends.Women.Money

Song stay on repeat

Those Four Letter Words

There are words like love.
Sweet and wonderful to say.
And in my heart it sings
from night to day.

There are words like hate.
It Bring pain to the soul,
And nightmares to the mind
from day to night.


Her touch---
Her smell---
Everything about her.
My drug---
My escape---
She's everything i imagine.

The Choking Bunny X D.F&Y: Fly Union

TGTC hits Atlanta, Ga New Era store on April 28

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Live Life Like The Weekend With Virgin WKND
You not living the weekend if you do not have one of these shirts.

Down & Dirty Boyz - Whats Da Move

Down & Dirty Boyz  - Local artist in Atlanta, Ga
There long and waited video called "Whats Da Move" has finally drop show support and watch the video.

D.F&Y Interview with Rashid Rahman Hill Interview

Rashid Raman is a 24 year old musician from Detroit, you can find him in Atlanat playing at Redlight May 15.

Q:Who inspired you to become the musician you are today?

 A:well I would say just music it's self the moves you " just drawn me to make it but if I had to say name's i would say Nina Simone , Sade, B.B king, Jay-z, Nas just and one who made god music

Q:What make you different from the other entire artist in your genre?
 A:Just being myself. every one is different so if you just be your self your true self and show it in your music then your different . 

Q:Who are the people in your life that help you becomes the person you are today?
 A:I would say the villeins the heroes and god. you lean from the villeins from the wrong they do and you learn from heroes in the right things they do and god give you knowledge to shape you everyday.

Q:How long have you been doing music and what age did you start?
 Time . Time and learning everyday is how I can improve.

Q:What and how could you improve your music?
Just getting better and improving and growing trying new things and going were ever god and my heart takes me.

Q:If you could work with any famous person right now, who would it be?
Man! Would love to work with the "Yeah Yeah Yeahs", "The Killers", "M.I.A", "Lupe", and "Jimmy Hendrix" if he was still rocking!!

Q:What piece of music do you think is your best?
Man that's a hard one... I would say my most loved would be a track form my last collection of work / cd "free love war and peace" the track is called Seeds " about homeless kids and back packers Anyone who never had a home. I met a girl in ga who was back packing and homeless who inspired it, cool girl.  

Q:How do you look at your old creation from your new one?
ts a big change from my old work to my new but the same heart is still there. I was living in Detroit most of my life so my old stuff is positive with a real hood feel to it but my new music is more positive and eye opening then the old still got a touch of hood can't take that out if I wanted to and i don't. (chuckle)

Q:If you could be any animal which animal and why?
(laughs) Guess a dragon I could fly and if you cross the line I could burn you up. (laughs)

Q:If you could pick any song to be your theme song, what song and why would it be your theme song?
uuum "the house of the raising sun" he talks about his home town how it was tough and his not so clean life but at the end of the day he won and that's how feel my life and the outcome had been. I won.

Q:Name one thing that you are proud about yourself?
 I'm proud of coming from my city and Making it out with out dying or going to jail for life or being a drug dealer.!! I'm out and I'm clean and trust that's not easy.

For Video Interview with Rashid Rahman go to

Monday, May 9, 2011